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Fleet monitoring
Shouldn’t be complicated
It should be automated

Managing a fleet of vehicles can be a complex task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and automation strategies, you can keep track of every detail surrounding your fleet and streamline operational process while improving efficiency.

A data-driven IoT platform providing
secure, sustainable and cost-effective mobility

Witness the transformative power of Finder Plus in optimizing your fleet, asset and industrial
equipment operations.

Multiple Data Source

Comprehensive data collection

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Ultimate Fleet & Equipment Monitoring with IoT Solutions

Offering a cutting-edge IoT-based fleet & Equipment monitoring solution tailored to optimize vehicle, equipment and industrial asset operations.

Real-time Monitoring

Fuel Consumption Report

Driver Behavior Monitoring

Advanced Analytics

Speed Limiting

Indepth Reports

Your complete solution for better Business operation

Fleet Management

Streamline operations and reduce costs with real-time fleet visibility, driver behavior insights, and efficient route optimization.

Fuel Monitoring

Gain control over fuel expenses with precision monitoring, reducing wastage and boosting overall cost-efficiency.

Video Telematics

Enhance driver safety and security with ADAS and DMS, promoting responsible behavior and reducing accident risks.

Speed Control

Ensure safe driving practices, minimize accidents, and reduce insurance by controlling your vehicle's speed.

Equipment Monitoring

Maximize the lifespan of equipment, reduce repair costs, and ensure optimal performance with proactive equipment monitoring.

Generator Monitoring

Avoid downtime, reduce maintenance costs, and ensure uninterrupted power supply with comprehensive generator monitoring.

Load Management

Optimize cargo capacity, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce operational expenses with intelligent load management.

Temperature Monitoring

Safeguard temperature-sensitive cargo, ensure product quality, and comply with industry regulations using real-time temperature monitoring.

Ready Mix Concrete

Increase operational efficiency in the construction industry, reduce material wastage, and ensure timely project completion.

Tire Pressure Management

Extend the life of your tires, save on replacements, and enhance vehicle safety with real-time tire pressure monitoring.

Delivering tailored solutions across diverse industries for optimal business outcomes.

Keep your assets secure and monitored in real time with our all-in-one solution.

Retail & FMCG
Finder Plus revolutionizes the Retail & FMCG sector by optimizing fleet management, ensuring on-time deliveries, and enhancing supply chain efficiency. Its real-time monitoring capabilities streamline operational efficiency. 
– Real-time vehicle for efficient inventory replenishment
– Route optimization to minimize delivery time and costs
– Geo-fencing to ensure secure delivery zones and prevent unauthorized access
Food & Grocery
In the Food and Grocery industry, Finder Plus ensures precision in delivery schedules, maintaining the freshness of perishable goods and minimizing wastage. Its temperature monitoring feature guarantees the integrity of sensitive cargo during transit. Key benefits encompass:
– Temperature monitoring for preserving perishable items
– Timely deliveries ensuring freshness and reducing wastage
– Fleet optimization for seamless and swift order fulfillment
Transport & Logistics
Finder Plus optimizes route planning, tracks vehicle conditions, and enhances overall fleet management. It empowers businesses to ensure timely deliveries, reduce operational costs, and maintain vehicle health. Key advantages include:
– Route optimization for cost-effective and timely deliveries
– Vehicle health monitoring for proactive maintenance
– Real-time monitoring to minimize delays and streamline operations
Courier & Parcel
In the Courier and Parcel industry, Finder Plus ensures secure and timely deliveries. Its real-time tracking and proof of delivery features enhance transparency and reliability. Key features encompass:
– Real-time tracking for precise parcel location updates
– Proof of delivery for enhanced accountability
– Geo-fencing to secure delivery routes and prevent theft or loss
Finder Plus revolutionizes manufacturing logistics, offering streamlined operations and optimized resource management. Its real-time insights empower manufacturers to enhance productivity and streamline processes.
– Real-time monitoring for machinery efficiency and maintenance scheduling.
– Enhanced inventory management for just-in-time production.
– Route optimization for seamless material flow and reduced downtime.
Oil & Gas
Finder Plus optimizes logistics and distribution networks, ensuring timely delivery of raw materials and finished products. Its real-time tracking capabilities minimize delays. 
– Real-time tracking for efficient supply chain management
– Monitoring for fragile goods delivery 
– Route optimization to minimize delays in raw material deliveries
Finder Plus serves as a robust vehicle and asset monitoring solution for the Distribution sector, offering precise tracking and optimization features.
-Monitoring vehicles condition, fuel status and more to ensure timely deliveries
-Tracks assets for streamlined logistics and enhanced security
-Minimizes delivery time and costs for optimized distribution networks
Bus & Public Transport
Finder Plus ensures safety, efficient route monitoring, and timely services. Its real-time updates enhance passenger safety and improve scheduling accuracy. 
– Real-time monitoring for passenger safety and route optimization
– Efficient scheduling to minimize waiting times
– Vehicle health and driver behavior monitoring for enhanced passenger safety and comfort

A comprehensive system to offer tailored
solutions with advanced analytics

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We ensure that our solution aligns with your specific needs, whether it’s scalable, offers customizable reporting, integrates with existing systems, and provides robust security features.

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