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Finder Plus

Optimizing Fuel Consumption and Cost Efficiency: A Case Study of Mymensingh City Corporation


Mymensingh City Corporation, responsible for waste management and city cleanliness, encountered the following fuel-related challenges with their ISUZU Compactor 21 vehicles. These vehicles exhibited varying fuel consumption patterns, leading to unpredictable expenses and budget constraints.

  • High monthly and annual fuel expenses
  • Lack of real-time fuel monitoring
Pre-Installation Data:
  • Average daily fuel consumption per day was 13.4 liters per vehicle.
  • Monthly expenses for fuel are approximately 43,818 Taka per vehicle.
  • Annual cost per vehicle reached 5,25,816 Taka per vehicle. 
Solution: Implementing Finder Plus Fuel Monitoring Device

Understanding the urgent need for a robust fuel management solution, Mymensingh City Corporation turned to Finder Plus and implemented their advanced fuel monitoring device in their ISUZU compactors.

This advanced solution offered the following benefits:

  • Real-time fuel consumption tracking
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Enhanced budget management
  • Sustainable operations
Result Analysis:

After installing the Finder Plus fuel monitoring device, Mymensingh City Corporation observed significant improvements in fuel consumption.

  • Daily fuel consumption decreased to 7.32 liters per vehicle.
  • Monthly expenses saved approximately 19,882 Taka per vehicle.
  • The annual expenses were reduced to 2,38,584 Taka per 
  • The implementation of Finder Plus over five years per vehicle saved 11,92, 920 taka. 
  • These savings are equivalent to an impressive 5.96 crore Taka for 50 vehicles.
Business Benefit:

Through the implementation of the Finder Plus fuel monitoring device, Mymensingh City Corporation successfully addressed their fuel consumption challenges, resulting in significant business benefits.

  • Fuel consumption was reduced by 20%.
  •  Monthly expenses decreased by 30%.
  •  Data accuracy up to 99.5%.


*Note: Based on fuel cost 109tk/per litter on the time of this case study. Dated: October 2022-October 2023.