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Solution | Fleet management

Solve fleet chaos: take charge with Finder Plus

Tired of juggling multiple fleet management challenges? Finder Plus offers the ultimate solution to simplify your fleet operations, and maximize efficiency.

Streamlined Control and Oversight

Gain access to a wide range of features designed to streamline your fleet operations and overcome business challenges.

Real-time monitoring

Keep tabs on your fleet’s whereabouts instantly, eliminating guesswork and enhancing operational efficiency.

Route optimization

Trim unnecessary fuel costs by finding the most efficient routes, and ensuring operational efficiency.

Driver behaviour

Promote safety and reduce accidents by monitoring and improving driver performance proactively.

Comprehensive reporting

Make informed decisions based on detailed data and insights for smoother operations and improved strategies.

Efficiency Redefined

Our solution redefines optimization, empowering seamless operations and precision in every move.

Get vehicle performance and maintenance status in real time.

Discover cost-efficient routes to maximize fleet efficiency.

Keep track of fleet expenses from each trip.

Encourage fuel-efficient driving behaviours.

Stay updated with timely maintenance reminders and documentation.

Get fleet insights to drive efficiency

Dive into the heartbeat of your fleet with our comprehensive Fleet Summary Report.

Trace your fleet's journey through time, gaining valuable insights.

Measure and optimize fuel efficiency, ensuring every drop counts.

Stay proactive with a detailed breakdown of maintenance activities.

Streamline expenses with a clear understanding of operational costs.

Evaluate vehicle performance metrics for informed strategic planning.

Revive every journey, reveal every detail

Step back in time and witness your fleet’s past journeys unfold in vivid detail with our Fleet Playback History feature.

Visualize routes

Time-stamped events

Speed (km/hr) report

Timely maintenance alert

Fuel consumption reports

Industry-tested excellence

Finder plus, the trusted name in the fleet management industry because of its ultimate fleet solution.

Fleet & Maintenance

Optimize your fleet's efficiency with our comprehensive Fleet and Maintenance solution. Streamline operations, enhance vehicle performance, and minimize downtime through intelligent maintenance scheduling.

Fuel Monitoring

Maximize cost-efficiency by closely tracking fuel consumption, identifying potential savings, and promoting eco-friendly driving practices for a greener fleet.

Inspection Automation

Streamline and enhance the inspection process with automated procedures, reducing downtime and ensuring that vehicles are consistently in peak operational condition.

Intelligent Telematics

Harness the power of intelligent telematics to gain valuable insights into vehicle performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and optimized operational strategies.

Driver Management

Effortlessly manage your drivers, ensuring compliance with regulations, monitoring driving behavior, and fostering a culture of safety for both your team and the community.

Intelligent Geofencing

Define precise geographical boundaries to enhance security and operational efficiency, receiving instant alerts and insights when vehicles enter or exit designated areas.

Live GPS Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into the location and status of your fleet, empowering you to make informed decisions promptly and optimize route planning for efficiency.

Location Intelligence

Leverage advanced location intelligence to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operational performance.

Want to see Finder Plus in action?

Schedule a personalized demo to explore our cutting-edge solutions in action. See how Finder Plus can transform and elevate your business operations.