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Solution | Intelligent Speed Control

Control speed, enhance safety

Boost safety and control with our Intelligent Speed Control Solution. Manage speeds intelligently for safer, and more efficient vehicle operation.

Control speed, empower safety and efficiency

Explore the cutting-edge features of our Speed Control Solution designed to experience the power of precision speed control while prioritizing safety at every turn.

Real time visibility

Gain instant insights into real time fuel usage patterns and fuel consumption for better decision-making.

Efficiency Metrics

Gain insights into the distance travelled per unit of fuel used, aiding in optimizing fuel efficiency and performance.

Idling Vehicle Detection

Identify and quantify fuel wastage caused by idling vehicles, allowing for interventions to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Expense Tracking

Keep meticulous track of fuel expenses, enabling precise cost analysis and budget management strategies.

Balancing speed for optimal distance

Explore the delicate balance between speed and distance with Finder Plus Solutions. Find the sweet spot for efficient fleet operations.

Discover the ideal speed-distance ratio for fuel-efficient and cost-effective operations.

Tailor your fleet's speed to meet distance goals, optimizing routes and schedules for enhanced productivity.

Leverage detailed insights to make informed decisions, striking the perfect equilibrium between speed and distance.

Want to see Finder Plus in action?

Schedule a personalized demo to explore our cutting-edge solutions in action. See how Finder Plus can transform and elevate your business operations.