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Finder Plus

Make smarter Decisions with Real time Data and Insights

With Finder Plus, you can monitor fuel levels, school bus locations, load monitoring, and more.


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Advanced tracking solutions and powerful insights

GPS Tracking and Live Data
Driver Behaviour
Fuel Monitoring
Video Camera Solutions
Fleet Telematics
Vehicle Sharing
Route Planning
Fleet Efficiency
Over Speed Alert
IoT Data
Utilization Report
Real-Time and Historical Data
Fleet Maintenance
Temperature Monitoring

Know How We Are Transforming Industries

Keep your assets secure and monitored in real time with our all-in-one solution. Get actionable insights from data and increase productivity.

Fuel Monitoring

Monitor fuel consumption and get the most out of your fuel with Finder Plus' Fuel Monitoring system.

Vessel Monitoring

With Finder Plus's vessel monitoring system, you can get detailed information about where the boat is, how much fuel it uses, and more. This lets you make quick and accurate decisions based on accurate information.

Generator Monitoring

Keep your generators running efficiently with Finder Plus. Check the amount of fuel, how long it has been running, how much it has been used, and more without leaving your office chair.

Fleet & Driver Monitoring

Real-time tracking and monitoring technology for fleets and drivers. Improved safety, efficiency, and cost reduction. Essential for businesses looking to optimize fleet management and comply with regulations.

Bus Monitoring

Don’t worry about the safety of your buses ever again. With Finder Plus, you can monitor and track your bus in real time and stay informed of its whereabouts.

School Bus Monitoring

Keep your kids safe with real-time data from our school bus monitoring system. Get alerts and notifications whenever your child boards or leaves the bus.

Load Monitoring

Avoid fines by monitoring vehicle loads and identifying areas for improved efficiency. Optimize your fleet operations for maximum performance.

Motorcycle Monitoring Solution

Real-time tracking and monitoring technology for motorcycles. Improved safety, efficiency, and cost reduction. Essential for riders and businesses looking to prevent theft.

Equipment Monitoring

Track and monitor your equipment in real-time with equipment monitoring. Stay on top of maintenance with predictive alerts and real-time monitoring. Keep your employees safe and optimise your equipment management for maximum ROI.

Industries We Cover

Retail & FMCG
Food & Grocery
3PL & 4PL
Courier & Parcel

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