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Solution | Intelligent Fuel Monitoring

Fuel efficiency and cost optimization for sustainable operations

Say goodbye to unnecessary fuel expenses and inefficiencies. Discover how our intelligent fuel monitoring solution can optimize your fuel usage and maximize savings.

Precise fuel management

Detect fuel theft, unauthorised fuel transaction or suspicious activity that could put businesses at risk.

Real time visibility

Gain instant insights into real time fuel usage patterns and fuel consumption for better decision-making.

Efficiency Metrics

Gain insights into the distance travelled per unit of fuel used, aiding in optimizing fuel efficiency and performance.

Idling Vehicle Detection

Identify and quantify fuel wastage caused by idling vehicles, allowing for interventions to reduce unnecessary consumption.

Expense Tracking

Keep meticulous track of fuel expenses, enabling precise cost analysis and budget management strategies.

Fuel efficiency unleashed

Unlock peak performance with Finder Plus fuel monitoring solution. get your fleet’s efficiency with Finder Plus fuel monitoring system!

Implement strategies that reduce fuel expenses and maximize efficiency.

Minimize fuel wastage, contributing to a greener, more sustainable operation.

Utilize insights for effective fuel management and smarter resource allocation.

Maximize savings and improve the bottom line through optimized fuel usage.

Minimize costs with fuel and maintenance

Experience the power of informed decisions with our fuel monitoring solution. Effortlessly manage and optimize fuel consumption while staying ahead with proactive maintenance reports.

Industry-tested excellence

Finder plus, the trusted name in the fleet management industry because of its ultimate fleet solution.

Fleet & Maintenance

Optimize your fleet's efficiency with our comprehensive Fleet and Maintenance solution. Streamline operations, enhance vehicle performance, and minimize downtime through intelligent maintenance scheduling.

Fuel Monitoring

Maximize cost-efficiency by closely tracking fuel consumption, identifying potential savings, and promoting eco-friendly driving practices for a greener fleet.

Inspection Automation

Streamline and enhance the inspection process with automated procedures, reducing downtime and ensuring that vehicles are consistently in peak operational condition.

Intelligent Telematics

Harness the power of intelligent telematics to gain valuable insights into vehicle performance, allowing for proactive maintenance and optimized operational strategies.

Driver Management

Effortlessly manage your drivers, ensuring compliance with regulations, monitoring driving behavior, and fostering a culture of safety for both your team and the community.

Intelligent Geofencing

Define precise geographical boundaries to enhance security and operational efficiency, receiving instant alerts and insights when vehicles enter or exit designated areas.

Live GPS Tracking

Gain real-time visibility into the location and status of your fleet, empowering you to make informed decisions promptly and optimize route planning for efficiency.

Location Intelligence

Leverage advanced location intelligence to make data-driven decisions, optimize resource allocation, and enhance overall operational performance.

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