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Solution | Video Telematics

Enhance your fleets performance with video insights

Get unparalleled insights into driver behaviour and road safety with our Video Telematics Solution. Elevate your fleet’s safety and performance to new heights.

Benefits at a glance

Experience a revolution in fleet management with our Video Telematics Solutions. Discover the power of real-time data and intelligent analytics.

Fleet Dashcam

Capture every moment on the road for enhanced safety and incident analysis.

AI Powered Sensors

Leverage artificial intelligence to detect anomalies and proactively address potential issues.

Fleet Live Access

Stay connected with your fleet in real-time, making informed decisions on the go.

Alert in Real Time

Receive instant notifications for critical events, ensuring swift response.

Driver Snapshots

Gain comprehensive snapshots of driver behavior, promoting responsible driving.

Video Recording

Record journeys for thorough post-event analysis.

Reduce Vehicle Damage

Mitigate risks and reduce incidents with intelligent monitoring.

Cloud storage

Securely store and access your valuable data anytime, anywhere.

Improve safety with dash cams for trucks and fleets

Elevate your fleet’s safety standards with our advanced dash cams. Proactive alerts and intelligent monitoring ensure a secure journey every time.

Cell phone alert

Smoking alert

Distraction alert

Driver fatigue

Protect your business with fleet camera systems

Safeguard your operations and assets with our state-of-the-art Fleet Camera Systems. From risk mitigation to legal protection, empower your business with a watchful eye on the road.

Commonly asked questions

Video Telematics combines real-time video monitoring with advanced analytics, providing a comprehensive view of your fleet’s activities. This helps identify unsafe driving behavior, reducing accidents and promoting a safer driving culture.

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) leverage cutting-edge technology to assist drivers in real-time. From collision avoidance to lane departure warnings, ADAS enhances overall driver safety by providing timely alerts and assistance.

Absolutely. Video Telematics not only monitors driver behavior but also identifies areas for improvement. By promoting fuel-efficient driving practices, it contributes to cost savings and reduces the environmental impact of your fleet.

Security is a top priority. Our Video Telematics solutions employ robust encryption and authentication measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data. Rest assured, your information is protected against unauthorized access.

ADAS offers a range of real-time alerts, including collision warnings, lane departure alerts, and even fatigue detection. These proactive alerts help drivers respond promptly to potential risks, enhancing overall road safety and reducing the likelihood of accidents.

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