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Transforming the Operational Efficiency of Transcom Distribution Company Limited


Transcom Distribution, faced significant challenges in bill management and operational efficiency. The absence of visibility in bill management led to false billing by drivers, resulting in increased costs. Additionally, the lack of vehicle tracking and asset monitoring hindered real-time data availability for managers, leading to operational inefficiencies and increased expenses.


The following issues were identified before implementing the Finder Plus Fleet Management device:

  • Drivers’ Bill Management
  • Operational Inefficiency
  • Increased Overall Costs and Expenses
Solution: Installing Finder Plus Fleet Management Device

To address these challenges, Transcom Distribution implemented the Finder Plus Fleet Management device. This advanced solution provided the following benefits:

  • Bill visibility: The device offered real-time monitoring, minimizing costs associated with false billing by drivers.
  • Improved operational efficiency: The implementation of the device enabled asset monitoring, providing the managers with real-time data on vehicle locations to identify the reasons of unexpected stoppage or delays.
  • Decreased overall costs: The solution device facilitated proper monitoring, leading to reduced overall costs and expenses.
Business Benefits:

By installing the Finder Plus Fleet Management device, Transcom Distribution successfully tackled their bill management and operational efficiency challenges, resulting in significant business benefits. The key outcomes of this initiative include:

  • A significant 30% reduction in costs through enhanced bill visibility.
  • A remarkable 50% increase in trip capability.
  • Overall costs and expenses reduction to 45%